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Our aim is to improve clinical care for a broad range of neurodegenerative diseases by integrating AI and data analytics in digital health platforms for doctors, patients and partners in the clinical community, 


NeuroRPM is an AI-powered digital health technology and disease management platform developed with innovative clinical partners in neurological health. 



NeuroRPM is currently conducting clinical trials with participating healthcare and industry partners. If you are interested in learning more about NeurRPM, please contact us



NeuroRPM is a digital health technology company building a mobile health and data analytics platform to optimize clinical care for sufferers of neurodegenerative diseases. NeuroRPM is based in Washington D.C. Our mission is to digitally reshape and improve the model of care for a broad range of neurodegenerative diseases by integrating the NeuroRPM platform and analytical tools with doctors, patients, and industry partners. The NeuroRPM system is currently in clinical trials with participating partners.

On March 17, 2023, NeuroRPM was cleared by the FDA for use to monitor Parkinson's disease on Apple Watch for Parkinson's disease. You may read the press release


You may register with us to learn more about our technology and get updates as they happen.  Please follow this link to register with us.



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