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FDA-Cleared, Physician Prescribed


Parkinson's Management on Apple Watch

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Empower your Parkinson’s management with NeuroRPM-Rx. Harnessing advanced AI,  NeuroRPM-Rx on Apple Watch monitors three cardinal symptoms of Parkinson's — bradykinesia, tremor, and dyskinesia — along with comprehensive medication management, and health information from Apple’s Healthkit.

  • Analytics & Assessment Tools: AI-powered, real-time detection and visualization of bradykinesia, tremors, and dyskinesias from your Apple Watch, offering an instantaneous insight into your Parkinson’s symptoms on your iPhone.

  • Medication Tracking & Insights: Manage your medication schedule effortlessly.

  • HealthKit Integration: With seamless integration into HealthKit, NeuroRPM-Rx amplifies your wellness monitoring, providing a holistic view of your health.

for Drug Trials

Elevate your clinical trials with NeuroRPM-CT. Tailored for pharmaceutical and medical device research, our tools objectively monitor Parkinson's key symptoms — tremor, bradykinesia, dyskinesia — and integrate supplemental data from Apple Healthkit. Our precise symptom classification and treatment efficacy metrics offer unparalleled granularity in clinical trial data tracking. Complementing traditional reporting, NeuroRPM-CT delivers clear, data-driven insights, adaptable to any stage of your trial needs.

If you are interested in using NeuroRPM-CT for your clinical trial or for R&D in your therapy development, please contact us so we answer any questions you may have.

About Us

NeuroRPM, headquartered in Washington D.C., is at the forefront of digital health technology, crafting a mobile health and data analytics platform tailored to optimize clinical care for individuals with neurodegenerative diseases.

Our mission centers on digitally transforming the care model, not only for Parkinson's disease but also for the wider spectrum of neurodegenerative conditions. By weaving the NeuroRPM platform and its analytical capabilities into the daily routines of doctors, patients, and industry partners, we aim for holistic improvement. Currently, the NeuroRPM system is accessible via prescription from our network of participating physicians and is actively under clinical trials with our collaborative partners.

On March 17, 2023, NeuroRPM was cleared by the FDA for use to monitor Parkinson's disease on Apple Watch for Parkinson's disease. You may read the press release


You may register with us to learn more about our technology and get updates as they happen.  Please follow this link to register with us.

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